Covid-19 Update - Shahed's Original

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are experiencing stock issues and as a result we’ll be having to operate with a limited menu and during limited hours. We had hoped to operate with minimum disruption but it’s sadly not possible and we’re trying to adapt to a rapidly changing situation.

As of today (Thursday 19th) we will be open from 4pm to 11pm and we request customers take all food away as we won’t be providing in-store seating until normal service is ready to resume. Collections and deliveries will be available as normal but only until 11pm.

We are taking every precaution with this outbreak and doing our due diligence by providing hand sanitiser at the door and performing checks on all staff and sending them home if we see any symptoms.

Please be patient during this difficult time and try to help others especially those who vulnerable as this is a time for communities to keep each other safe.

Thank you,
The Shahed’s Team

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